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Massively Multiplayer Online Strategic Board Game

MMOSBG is a persisent online board game that is played over the course of several days against other players around the world. Persistent means the game continues while you are away. Generally one can remain competitive by playing for 5 minutes at a time, a couple times a day. Choose a board and register for free! You can be playing within the next minute. Have fun.

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MMOSBG Comments

tass10 Game 10
I\'m sad now..

10 Game 10
wasn\'t destroying but hanging :)

tass10 Game 10
why would you destroy such lovely art?

tass11 Game 11
Thx, it\'s nice to be back ;)

11 Game 11
hehehehehe, wb Tass :D

tass11 Game 11
guess who\'s back?

13 Game 13

alison13 Game 13
I\'m playing more often now.

13 Game 13
I\'m worried... Alison is almost playing like a normal person... is eveything ok?

4 Game 4
Yeah, I am trying to cut down on time sinks like MMOSBG

4.3 Game 4
really :p Because you did so well the last past weeks :p

4 Game 4
no need to glee about it. Life is life, and it\'s nice she has not left us yet!

hillz8 Game 8
well, you apparently had time to lose 140 tiles on board 4, and even more on board 1, with your stupid way of placing them :D

4 Game 4
659 => more than 140 tiles she stupidly lost, again. STILL GOT TO LOVE YOU ALISON!

4 Game 4

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